Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some news from

I've been working so much, so I`ve come back to the blog just to shre some news.

1) I won a really good price as illustrator. I got the first price at the Shopping Mall "El Retiro" 1st Illustration Contest.

2) Also, I've been working in some nice projects. The first one is the 2D short film "Mi Abuela", directed by the amazing colombian animator Carlos Smith [] where I got a job as Animation Director. In the other hand I started to work in the TV children animated series "Migropolis" [] as 2D animator.

3) About my own projects I`ve been working in a couple of things. I`m making a live action short film about soccer "Un gol para Bictoria". It makes me so happy, I`m learning a lot about filmmaking, hell yeah! The short film is going to be completed on may 12th. Also, I started besides my brother Andrés Otálora a children illustrated book. And, finally, I`m making besides my friend Caro Fierro [] a cool project. It involves toys, so I cannot be happier.

4) My shortfilms (The Bet and Histoires du Sacré-Coeur) have been in a couple of festivals (Argentine, Netherlands and Italy) as official selections. Hell yeah again!

So, the life is good and the work is nice!

Over and out!


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