Monday, November 22, 2010

I ♥ hot dog

 New artwork as homage to one of the best invents ever. Simple and terrific!

O-ink #3

The third illustration for the series O-ink.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A lil' Patrón portrait!

A little self-portrait that I made for the credits of the Guard Dog - Global Animation Jam.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Bet won the SHORTSNONSTOP Jury Prize

And the bullet is going around, this time it has hit Canada. The Bet got the Jury Prize at the Canadian Film Centre’s worldwide short film festival SHORTSNONSTOP, presented by TELUS.
Check it out!

CORTO+MOSCA (Best Animation) - The Bet

And the bullet went to the beautiful city of Manizalez to the Short Film Festival of Manizales and got the first prize in the category: Best National Animation (the award: corto+mosca national animation).
Check it out on the official festival website!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


A new line in my bio-filmograhy and kinda second part of Bogotá Bang Bang, /////cinco (/////five) is my one minute try to learn a bit about film-making and my very first live-action short film. /////cinco is a POV story about the criminal behavior.
The extreme low bugdet film was shot in the fourth floor of my friend's house (Klara Forero), a space full of pieces of Bogotá.

Director: Miguel Otálora
Assistant director: Nazly López
Camera: Javier Hernández
Sound: Andrés Montaña
With the collaboration of: Natalia Chinchilla, Diego Peñuela, Nicolas Cardenas and Oscar González
Special thanks to: Klara Forero and her family, Imaginaton 2010 and Congofilms.

I also rehearsed the only character. The film isn't available online right now, but if you are interested in take a look of it, write me an e-mail and I'll send you a private link. Thank you! I'll keep trying!

New artwork for FANTASY ★ LIFE

For the new documentary of the great director Nazly Lopez: FANTASY ★ LIFE, I had the pleasure to make the poster and the graphic design of the film. The documentary tells the story of Dainier, a young magician who survives with his magic in the mystical Cuba.


It has been a long time without news.

The Bet: 
Winner Best Animation - UFRAME International Academic Video Festival, Spain
Top 10 Finalist - SHORTSNONSTOP, Canada (winner is gonna be announced soon)
Top 5 Finalist - CIUDAD LUNA Independent Film Festival, Colombia
Official Selection - FIA'01 International Festival of Animation, Uruguay

Also, our bullet was in an short film expo at the beautiful city of Cartagena (Colombia) in the Short Film Festival LUMIÈRE 2010.

Histoires du Sacré-Coeur:
Official Selection - EXPOTOONS 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

100 Carteles (100 Posters)

Going back a little bit, I found the expo 100 Carteles (100 Posters), a collection of hundred cultural posters in Bogotá (1986 - 2006). The expo took place the last year and two of my posters got in. Also, there are five of my posters through the full research (it counts with over 400 posters).

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