Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sincera - It has been a long long time

Around 7 years ago, I made my very first animation short: Sincera, a music video for the song with the same name by the colombian hip-hop group 90Grados. The quality is pretty naive and the animation is not even close to be decent, but still, I spend 6 months and over 2.000 drawings doing it. It was kept in the bottom of an old cd tower.
Curiously, it got the chance to be showed again and Sincera will be screening this Thursday 12 (4pm) taking part in the Colombian Animated Music Videos Showcase. So, if you have the time to take a look of Sincera, it's going to be screening at the "Jorge Tadeo Lozano" University (7th building, 7th floor, video room) Bogotá, Colombia. Also, the Wednesday 18 (6pm) at the "Javeriana" University (Luis Carlos Galán Auditorium) Bogotá, Colombia.


Georgina Romo said...

Nice. Is it online by any chance?

Miguel Otálora said...

Unfortunately, it is... my dear Gina: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52TSIf5V7w8
Don't blame me!

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