Friday, March 11, 2011

I ♥ you

Love (in its romance and twee sense) is one of the silliest things I've ever known. I think this is just a corny version of recreational couple life.
I hope my cousin never reads my blog, because I fucking hate his laptop cover. It is a "I ♥ you" handcraft that his girlfriend made for him. It is made of little color papers. As handcraft it is not even a good one, but this is not the point. It is supposed to be a personal and unique connection between them. So, the public exposition of the message is quite silly. If the idea just works for them in a kind of private way, why they don't use a hidden code of a secret game of images? Maybe because the details are the important matter here, so, the love in this point of view is just a collection of little stuffs to represent in a physical way something that probably doesn't exist and details convert themselves into needed shapes to make sure there is still something over there. Cousin, if you read this, please don't hate me (I know you love your girlfriend).
On the same path, I really hate the scenes when in stories, a couple is looking each other, with shining eyes, and they force the tension to the limit until they got a kiss. Cute. Also quite simple way to show people in love. Cute and dumb. Dudes on weed also have cool shining eyes and too many of them got a lot of kisses from random people (maybe they have to much love to give or they understand it too much to know how to fake it or I don't know). I would prefer the scene when the love counts by itself and there is no need to show something to make it evident. For example: a guy that doesn't empty the trash folder of his laptop, cause he knows that in somewhere over there, there is still a picture of her before she cheated on him. Or a girl cleaning her boyfriend face just a moment after she pulled the trigger on his head. For me, they are really falling in love.
By the way, I'm not a dark dude. Not at all. I just talk too many bullshit. Of course, I've been a cheesy guy in too many ways, but it is because the love sounds tentative. Also I found the "I ♥ you" in my wallet got erased and now I just have a piece of paper that I used to write the phone of my Internet company. I noticed it while I was making a complaint about my ADSL speed.
But, in the other hand I have to say I understand the twee love idea just for old people (because I really do). They have lived all the shitty things in the world, so they have enough training to make it good and in the proper way. For me, that it is the only way the romantic love works. Also because they could forget they are into love and color papers on the laptop can help quite a lot. Old people, please use "I ♥ you" and all those kind of things as much as you want, also try to get shining eyes.
All this introduction just to share a video that I found seeking for something in Youtube (first time that I share something from another person and write something this long). From my really talented friend and ex-classmate, the cool Vinay Giridhar: Love's age.


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