Thursday, November 11, 2010


A new line in my bio-filmograhy and kinda second part of Bogotá Bang Bang, /////cinco (/////five) is my one minute try to learn a bit about film-making and my very first live-action short film. /////cinco is a POV story about the criminal behavior.
The extreme low bugdet film was shot in the fourth floor of my friend's house (Klara Forero), a space full of pieces of Bogotá.

Director: Miguel Otálora
Assistant director: Nazly López
Camera: Javier Hernández
Sound: Andrés Montaña
With the collaboration of: Natalia Chinchilla, Diego Peñuela, Nicolas Cardenas and Oscar González
Special thanks to: Klara Forero and her family, Imaginaton 2010 and Congofilms.

I also rehearsed the only character. The film isn't available online right now, but if you are interested in take a look of it, write me an e-mail and I'll send you a private link. Thank you! I'll keep trying!


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