Friday, April 16, 2010

The Bet

Finally, The Bet. Enjoy it!

An out of control bullet is the result of a bet in a small dive bar. The Bet is an absurd journey of blood and black humor that will end in the same place where it shouldn't have started.

Direction, animation and digital color paint: Miguel Otálora
Presented by: Vancouver Film School
Original soundtrack: Solo Etra 
Sound design: Jacob Kinch

Check it out on the Vimeo channel here!


Jadyn said...

Miguel, mil feliciades! Me encantó, está hermosoo!!!!!! Gracias por acordarte de nosotros! <3

marcela said...

jajaaja Miguelito, está bueno. Me encantó tu agradecimiento a dios

Anonymous said...

Miguelito está super.... felicitaciones. Un Abrazote.

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